Hello everyone,

It’s been another long week of pushing out updates to the game. On this weeks update we will address the following things:

  • New Graphics
  • Camera Updates
  • New Resource Models

New Graphics

We have decided to update our graphics to a more low poly style. Not every model has fully been implemented yet but we will be able to share some of our progress in the image below:

As you can see things are starting to look much cleaner and better. The map has also changed but there’s still a river running through the main section. We are planning on adding more vegetation and farmable resources throughout the entire map.

Camera Updates

We have also updated the camera this week. There’s now a fixed camera movement border to prevent the player from accessing area’s where nothing can be found at. We have also implemented a limited zoom in and out function. Please leave some feedback behind if you guys would want to have a cinematic camera added to the game where you guys will be able to take some awesome screenshots.

New Resource Models

We have also updated the models of our collectable resources. The dead tree will contain wood when farmed and the rocks will contain stone when farmed.

I hope that everyone likes the way the new farmable resources look.


If there any has feedback for us then please leave that in the comment section down below. That will be all the exciting news for today so stay tuned for further updates!


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