Hello Everone,

Hereby we are proudly announcing our new and upcoming RTS game called  Cubest (We aren’t sure about the name yet). We are trying to bring the games we loved to play when we were younger back with more exciting features and content.


  • Sending multiple units into combat against the AI
  • Building.
  • Gathering and farming resources.
  • Survival mechanics.
  • Hunting.
  • Multiple playable nations: Roman Empire, Japanese Empire, Barbarians and many more!
  • Cubest will have multiplayer in a later stage, but for now the game will only contain skirmish against the AI.

There are many more feature planned so stay tuned. For now we will release this image belowas the first screenshot of the game. (We are currently changing the graphics of the game from voxel-based to low poly.)

That will be all the exciting news for today so stay tuned for further updates!


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